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About Postcards

Established in 2013, Postcards Central American Soul Food has established a brand and set a new culinary standard by making top quality, healthy Soul Food options accessible to consumers of all walks of life all throughout Southern California. Postcards has been rated in the TOP 10 by Buzzfeed, Zagat and DoLA and as the #1 Soul Food Truck in Los Angeles.

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Our Food

Delivered in a wrap or a bowl, all of the meats are baked or roasted.  None are fried! 

All of the sides are vegetarian. 

Each item has been specially selected to compliment the overall menu options and provide a healthy variety for patrons.

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Who We Are

Postcards celebrates the impact that African Americans have made to American culture by creating unique names for each entree inspired by Black Historians/History.

In 2016, The Urban Taco Factory was established providing unique gourmet tacos features some of the best staples people expect from a soul food menu